Jackson Tree Trimming

Jackson Tree Trimming



Heads up, Jackson Tree Trimming is taking over the Murfreesboro area with excellent tree service. We provide only the best, top notch service for our customers in and around the Murfreesboro area. Here are some of the services that we provide. This may not be an all inclusive list though so if you are curious just give us a call and we can tell you if we handle it. 615-900-2398.

Tree Trimming- Here it is and you know what it means. It is getting your tree trimmed. Not once every 20 years but at least once every couple. If you have trees it is a good idea to get this service done on a regular basis by a great company such as us.

Tree Thinning- We can open that thick tree up to let in more light. More light means a greener lawn underneath. It can also mean more heat on your house if the tree is blocking light that goes on your home.

Tree Bracing- If your tree is splitting and you think it needs a brace to help it out, maybe it does. Give us a call and our experts will come out and take a quick look and give you a quick recommendation.

Stump Removal- You got a stump, we got a grinder. We can grind that sucker down below ground level so that new dirt and grass can grow right over the top. Boom, no more stump, just a lovely lawn.

Tree Removal- Call it timber, call it magic, or whatever you want. You have a tree you want gone and we can do it. We can do a drop and leave if you want to dispose of it yourself. We can also drop it and haul it off. It’s up to you just let us know.

Lot Clearing- Zipping down trees to make a clear area is what we do here. We started as we little kids clearing out areas for a club house, now that we are older the clearing is still in our blood. We can clear out whatever area you want of trees and brush so you can build a clubhouses, or a house I guess.

24 Hour Storm Cleanup- You had some bad weather and a tree came crashing down. It may have been the lightning, or maybe the wind. Whatever it was you need someone fast to diagnose the situation and take care of the problem. No problemo. We got your back. Call us at 615-900-2398.

Insurance jobs- Insurance is one of those bills you hate to pay because you hope to never use it. Well if you need it here we work with most property insurance companies to get things cleaned up and back to normal again.

Oops a tree fell on my house jobs- Hate it when this happens, but we can help. Call us fast.

Dang a tree fell on my car jobs- Not a good morning when you find this is the situation.

I hope that tree don’t fall this way jobs- Got a leaning tree and not sure if it will fall this way or that? Let us bring our big truck and tools to make sure it doesn’t fall the wrong way.

I hate picking up sticks jobs- Getting you trees trimmed on a bi-yearly basis won’t cure this problem, but it sure can help. Less stick picking up means more fun time. So, we are really funmakers not tree trimmers haha.

My husband doesn’t need to be climbing trees with a chainsaw jobs- If your husband has trouble drinking his coffee in the morning without dribbling it on his shirt than he has no business monkeying around in the tree with a chainsaw. One wrong move and you can hear the ambulance sirens already.

The Ice is coming and the tree limb is going to fall jobs- The weight of ice can break even the healthiest branches, so the dead ones don’t stand a chance. This can go back to the oops a limb fell on my car problem if you don’t get the dead limbs taken care of right away.

The weight of snow can snap the limb off jobs- Ice, snow, rain, really don’t matter. It can all cause dead limbs to fall. So, less dead limbs in the tree (because we trimmed it) means less of a chance it will happen. Still could but less of chance.

I can’t believe that tree just fell jobs- If you think a tree is dying or dead you may be right. We should come out and take a quick peek. Our guys are trained to look at them and tell you if they think you should remove them.

I own a rental property and I need a good company that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg but also does a good job jobs. We can handle rental properties no problem. We take pride in our work and charge a fair wage. Needless to say we are price friendly to the property owners.


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