Tree Removal Murfreesboro

We have several options for removing trees in Murfreesboro, TN. 


First let’s start off with cost. The cost of a tree removal is always important. Most of the time the cost to remove a tree is between $200 and $1,600. The cost of a very very small tree maybe lower and of course the cost of bigger trees is higher. We have seen some trees cost as high as $10,000.

Many different factors go into the cost of removing a tree. We take all these things into account.

Location of a tree- this is simple, it’s simply where the tree is located.

The landscape near the tree- this is simply what kind of landscape is near the tree. This can be broke down in two Hills, mud, uphill, downhill, sidehill, gravel, water, or anything else that might obstruct the job.

The size of the tree- this is one of the major factors. Most of the time the bigger the tree is the bigger the job is. The trunk can vary in size as opposed to the top of the tree and how bushy it is. The limbs may stick out farther or the limbs may be shorter. All of this goes into how much the tree is going to cost to remove.

What kind of tree it is- oak tree, birch tree, sycamore tree, there are lots of different types of trees in this makes a difference as well.

The lean of the tree- here’s something they’re not very many people think of. Which way is the tree leaning? Which way is the tree going to fall? Is there any kind of property around the tree may hit? These are all things we have to ask which factor into the price.

The seasonality and how busy we are- some seasons were very busy, other Seasons we may need more work. Sometimes when we’re booked several weeks out. Sometimes we can get to your job same day.

One of the best things that people like about our tree removal service is that they have the option to keep the tree or the wood. We can either drop the tree and leave it, drop the tree cut it up and leave it, or drop the tree and take it with us. Many people have us got the tree up and leave it in the yard so they can use the wood for firewood.

Some people take the foot of a tree and multiply it by certain dollar cost to find out the removal cost. We do not do this, we take into account all the other factors that are mentioned above.

Can I cut down a tree that is growing limbs on my property? You can have the limbs that are on your property trimmed back. However, you can not remove a tree unless it is growing on your property. You can only trim the limbs back to your property line no further.

We love getting the tree removal calls for Murfreesboro Tennessee in the winter time. Especially when the ground is Frozen. This will ensure that our truck does not leave ruts in your yard. It’s also a slower time of the year for us. So any business in the winter time helps. We can generally get to your job faster than any other time of the year.

Once a tree is removed it’s up to you whether we do the stump. We have a stump grinder however we wait until we have several stumps we can grind the same day. So we’ll take our stump grinder out and do at least 10 stamps in the same day. We grind them down past the level of the ground. Then you can cover I’m over with dirt and fresh grass if that’s what you want.

If you have any more questions about our tree removal services in Murfreesboro or surrounding areas please call our number. Please call 615-900-2398. Our trained, trusted, licensed, and honest professionals will give you the service you deserve.



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