Tree Trimming Jackson Fall Cleanup

Tree Trimming Jackson Fall Cleanup

Jackson tree trimming, tree removal Jackson; local tree service.  Serving the Jackson area tree duties.  It’s that time again. Hunting, camping, outside fires and fall cleanup. This means Autumn is finally here. Jackson tree trimming can help with your fall cleanup.   And I promise we are affordable for your budget.  Plus we have free estimates. Many of us take pride in our yards and strive to perfect that perfect yard. Are you that person? If so here is a list of 15 must do’s to make your yard top notch and Autumn ready.

1. Take up all your leaves. Don’t bag them though, because you can grind them and use them as mulch.

2. Till your gardens up so you can begin to plant the new vegetables.

3. Trim up those branches.

A branch trimmer can reach those long ones that need to come down. It’s very easy to use also.

4. Clean out gutters.

Most people don’t realize how stopped up they can get. Not only does it stop the water from flowing off your roof but it can damage the roof enough that will cause you to need a one.

5. Get any existing water dryed up around the property. Mosquitos love the water.

6. Aerate the soil for water to be able to soak in. A tiller is perfect for this.

7. Put down fertilizer. Feed your grass. The greener the better as my grandma would say.

8 . Prune your trees.

9 .Give that yard a good mowing. It will help break up the soil.

10 .Grind up any branches, shrubs or grass you’ve cut and then you’ve got the perfect mulch.

11. Divide up your perennials.

Use the ones you’ve up rooted to use in different spots around the property.

12. Protect any plants that can’t stand up to the fall air. Cold weather can ruin those pretty flowers.

13. Plant  perreinials you like to see so when the Spring hits you’ll already have blooms popping up.

14. Protect the deck by waterproofing so the wood doesn’t rot. Clean it real good first before applying the seal.

15. Clean up yard tools. Just apply a light coat of oil. This will stop any rust from happening. The moisture in the winter can definitely ruin your yard tools.

Doing these steps can make your yard the best it’s ever been. You’ll also have a safe and beautiful Halloween place for those ghouls and gobblins come October. Having all debris cleaned up will help when having your outside fires. Only you can prevent yard fires. Make sure you pour water over your fire when deciding to go in for the night. The thing you don’t want is causing a fire that destroys everything you’ve worked hard for.   If you don’t think you can handle this then just give us a call. Jackson tree trimming will be more than happy to take care of it for you. We are staying busy so make your appointment today. We are here and ready to take your call. 615.900.2398

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